workshop-participants’ activities



Free discussion about workplace communication problems encountered with colleagues and patients, and acceptance of the problem as a normal but modifiable phenomenon, and the belief in effectiveness of problem-solving in dealing with problems using small group discussion, performed by group leader and critiqued by other groups.

2 hours

Participants’ task: problem statement at the end of group session by group leader. Problem definition and formulation and determination of goals, followed by collection of data and analysis of problem using small group and group discussion, and presentation by group leader, and critique by other groups. Problem analysis by group leader at the end of teamwork session

2 hours


Generating a range of solutions that were critiqued by participating midwives

2 hours

Participants’ task: choice of common problems of clinical midwives group by group leader at the end of sessions, and selection of decision-making solutions and prediction of possible outcomes for each solution. At this stage, consequences and problems associated with implementation of selected solutions and their weaknesses were assessed

Finally, decisions and prediction of consequence and weaknesses relating to the selected solution were explained by group leader at the end of each teamwork session.

2 hours


Review of previous sessions and implementation of solutions to real workplace cases proposed by participants through open discussion and role play

2 hours

Participants’ task: choosing the best solution for implementation within the existing context by group leader at the end of group sessions Review and summation of outcomes

Evaluation of workshop and opinion survey at the end of teamwork sessions

2 hours