Plating times are December 20th - Jan 31st and June 25th - August 5th


Crop residues are incorporated into the soil instead of burning.


Fields are flooded before preparing for a new planting to eliminate weeds and volunteer rice plants (plants coming up from leftover seeds in the field from previous season).


There is a barrier, planted with cover (grass), between the parcel and main drainage collection points.


Barrier mounds on the outside of the parcel are planted with cover (grass).


Internal drains are planted with cover (grass).


There is a system to maximize water efficiency.


The design and construction of boundaries and curves within the parcel are level.


After leveling and bringing in water, leave 24 hours before draining the fields to plant.


Plant Density: For direct sowing, 10 lbs/tarea of seed should be used, not 18 - 20 lbs/tarea. Transplants should be planted at 15 - 18 days old, with 2 - 3 transplants in a group, spaced at 30 cm × 30 cm.


Integrated Weed Management: After preparing the land, flood the field to 2 cm high of water and wait at least 24 hours before draining to kill weed seeds and volunteer rice plants, so there will be a clean surface when planting, and soil particles can settle before the water is drained. It is recommended to minimize the use of chemicals, and control weeds mechanically and/or manually.


Integrated Pest Management: Dig a hole one square meter by one meter deep in the parcel’s main irrigation canal, where the irrigation enters the field, which will act as a trap for aquatic snails that attack growing rice plants.


Integrated Fertility Management: Incorporate crop residue into the soil after each harvest. Get a soil test and with its recommendation(s), make a fertilization plan for the entire season. AgroFrontera recommends (and is considering to make this mandatory) planting a cover crop (perennial peanut, Arachisglabrata, which fixes nitrogen) once a year, after two consecutive rice harvests, and incorporating the plants into the soil for green manure.


Integrated Water Management: Give intermittent irrigation in the crop development stage (2 months), from planting to grain formation, with water 2 - 4 cm high. Until rice matures, maintain water at 8 - 10 cm high.