Survey questions for utility industry


Response choices

Does your organization have an asset management system?

Yes No

Does your organization utilize computerized record keeping and data management procedures for underground utility assets?

Yes No

Does your organization have a GIS map/database for its service area?

Yes No

What types of underground utility asset information are stored in your GIS map/database? Please check all that apply from the list of choices.

Date of installation of utility line

Content of utility line (e.g. gas, water)

Type of material for utility line

Depth of the utility line

Geometry of utility line

Date for next maintenance for the utility line

Abandoned underground utility assets

Sub-contractor information

If your organization has a GIS database, how frequently is it updated?

During maintenance



How does your company keep track of existing underground assets? Please check all that apply.

2D as-built plans with GIS database

2D as-built plans without GIS database

Intelligent 3D model of utility

Does your company store information in an intelligent 3D (BIM Model) form?

Yes No

If your company has an intelligent 3D model for existing underground assets, did you require geophysical mapping?

Yes No

If yes, what mapping technique was used to generate your 3D model?

Textual comments

If you do not currently have a 3D model, is your organization considering developing one?

Yes No

Does your company utilize augmented reality (AR) for site visual representation of the utility assets?

Yes No

Does your company use any mobile apps for onsite visualization?

Yes No

What measures are being currently taken by your organization to improve your utility detection operations? Please check all that apply.


Keep depth information alongside your 2D drawings

Adopt more accurate detection equipment

Create a 3D model

Use RFID Technology

In your experience, what is the major cause of underground utility damages recorded during excavation?

Wrong depth information

Inaccurate ground marking

Human error during digging