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Household registration


The government has a special policy of giving priority to the introduction of talents and offering preferential treatment for them.

Life support

The government’s living guarantee policies such as housing subsidies and children’s schooling for the introduction of talents.

Incentive and reward

Political commissar to introduce innovative and entrepreneurial talents of innovative and entrepreneurial funding, scientific and technological achievements transformation and other incentives.

Convenience service

The government has implemented policies such as simplification of entry and exit procedures for foreign scholars and two-way flow of scientific research talents.


Diversified financing

Opening up private investment, credit risk sharing, financial innovation services, etc.

Fund venture capital

The government guides the establishment of angel investment guide fund, venture investment guide fund, equity investment, etc.

Capital investment

The government also promotes cost amortization, cost subsidies, loan interest subsidies, special funds, risk compensation, tax incentives, etc. for innovative and start-up enterprises.