Policy tools

Examples of content

Supply surface

Education and training

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship of talent development planning, improve the education and training system, open up talent exchange channels and other policies.

Information support

Policies to provide public information services for innovative activities, such as the construction of information networks, libraries, and the opening and sharing of major experimental instruments.

Infrastructure construction

Involving the carrier construction of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, such as mass creation space, innovation and entrepreneurship base, office space, etc.

Financial input

Financial support provided by the government to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, such as special fund investment, subsidies, etc.

Public services

In order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, corresponding supporting facilities are provided, such as transportation, communication, medical treatment and professional consulting service institutions, etc.

Environmental surface

Financial support

To promote the credit risk sharing, financing, venture capital and loan guarantee of banks and related financial institutions for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Rent tax incentives

Policies such as investment deduction, tax relief and rent deduction to support innovative and start-up enterprises.

Intellectual property protection

Policies to provide an environment conducive to intellectual property rights for innovation and entrepreneurship, such as strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights and cracking down on fake and inferior products, etc.

Regulations and controls

Regulate market supervision related to market order, oppose monopoly, and formulate environmental and health standards.

Demand side

Government procurement

In order to encourage innovation and start-up enterprises, the government purchases from enterprises and other measures, such as central or local government procurement and public utilities procurement.

Trade control

Various government control measures on import and export, including trade agreements, customs duties, currency adjustments, etc.

Management of overseas institutions

The government assists innovative and start-up enterprises to set up research and development and sales branches overseas, such as the establishment of overseas trade organizations.