What the brain and mind are

Brain tumour

Cerebral injury

Encephala trophy

Cerebral apoplexy

Brain health care

Traditional Chinese medicine

Brain death

What the brain and mind do

Brain wave research

Near-death experience

Animal brain research

Brain scans (i.e. fMRI)

Philosophical or existential implications

Self-consciousness based on the brain activities

Doubt about consciousness after death

Doubt about the soul

Subjective experience (i.e. out of body experiences)

Discussion about the afterlife world

Sociological implications


Smart home (i.e. Intelligent home system)


Driverless car

New media (i.e. virtual reality)

Medical care

Practical implications

Improvement of first aid

Efficiency improvement (i.e. the disabled)

Sleeping insurance (i.e. the sleeping time of night shift workers)