Unexpected Images of the Prison

Conventional Images of the Prison

-“punishment, cold, reproving, meekness, prayer, alone, uncertainty, hope, courage, upset” (24)

-“saints, bars, Jilava, punishment, the Pitești phenomenon, torture, battles, tribunal/trail, prisoners, limitation, military space” (10)

-“I think especially of saints and the greatest Romanian personalities from the Jilava prison. Their suffering, their faith; discovering the Lord/God.” (19)

-“fear, terrible fright, despair, prisoner, solidarity, death, torture, cold, alone, starving, prayer, torturers, misery, darkness, cell, blood, chains, isolation, saints, the Lord/God, …” (22)

-“isolation, ill treatment, violence, stress, family, friends, longing (dor), freedom, black days, despair, regret, untrusthful, Lord/God” (8)

-“torture, hurting all the persons in a cruel way/extremely, suffering, executions, abominable conditions of life, punishment, guardians, arms, evade” (6)

-“extreme regime/power, isolation, criminals, rectifying/correction, disrespect, torture, offences, guardians/armed security, cold” (14)

-“bars, guardians, key, criminals, guilty, evade, isolation, walls, cell, alone” (28)

-“hand-cuffs, lattice works, chains, custody cell, padlocks, guardians” (4)

-“faith, blood, chains, knife, violence, sadness/upset, culpability, suspect, victim” (1)

-“lack of freedom, punishment, bad people, worst food, misery” (33; 62)