Cybersecurity and Infrastructures Security Agency’s Infrastructures Security division

Enable decision-making and information sharing to execute security and resilience activities

Information sharing tools

Support information sharing within and among the critical infrastructures sectors:

Homeland Security Information Network - Critical Infrastructures (HSIN-CI)

Infrastructures Protection Gateway (IP Gateway)

National Infrastructures Coordinating Center (NICC)

National Risk Management Center (NRMC)

Protected Critical Infrastructures Information (PCII) Program

Protective Security Advisors (PSAs)

TRIP wire (Technical Resource for Incident Prevention)

Critical Infrastructures Threat Information Sharing Framework

Provides vital information and best practices for threat information-sharing entities

Critical Infrastructures Information Sharing Environment

An individual framework that implements the tools required to provide security partners to distribute vital information in their infrastructure’s security and risk, respond to events, and enhance resilience management