Dimension 1

Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy

Evaluate and enhance the level of national cybersecurity strategy and resilience by improving its incident response, cyber defense, and critical infrastructure capabilities.

Dimension 2

Cybersecurity Culture and Society

Assess and measure the key elements of national cybersecurity awareness and values of cyber-related risks and the trust level

Dimension 3

Building Cybersecurity Knowledge and Capabilities

Evaluate the level of availability and quality of national cybersecurity awareness, educational and professional training programs.

Dimension 4

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Assess and observes the direct and indirect cybersecurity national legislation including regulatory requirements for cybersecurity, cyber-crime-related legislation, and related legislation.

Dimension 5

Standards and Technologies

Observe and addresses the effectiveness of cybersecurity technology, standards, and good practices in protecting critical assets of organizations, national infrastructures, and individuals.