It uses workflow per application

It uses dimension and business subject

Data Retention

Short term (2 - 6 months)

Long term (2 - 5 years)

Database Design and Storage

- The design in OLTP is highly normalized.

- Gigabytes

- The design is typically de-normalized and contains fewer tables

- Terabytes

Data Integration

Minimal or none

High, as part of ETL process


- Real time (short and fast inserts and updates)

- write & update

- Transactional data

- controlling and running fundamental business tasks

- Batch load (includes periodic long-running batch jobs that refresh the data)

- Reporting, read-only

- Spiked usage

- Planning, problem solving and decision support


- Involves standardized and simple queries that return few records hence, it is faster

- A large number of short on-line transaction

- Involves complex queries along with aggregations that return a huge amount of data.

- OLAP applications are widely used by Data Mining techniques.