1. Define the term: Physically Educated. What does that mean to you?

2. When you hear “Physical Education” what comes to your mind?

Probe: Do you think it’s hard for some students to get the PE credit?

3. Think back and recall your first experience of Physical Education in high school. What was your first impression?

Probe: Speak on behalf of a friend who isn’t active. What kind of experience did they have?

4. What influenced your decision, or a friend’s decision, to enroll or not enroll in Physical Education?

5. How would you feel about being required to take Physical Education for four years of high school?

Probe: How do you feel about competitive versus non-competitive classes being offered?

6. List Task―students were provided with blank sheets of paper.

On one side of your paper list two items that you like about Physical Education, and on the other side of the paper list two items that you dislike about Physical Education.

Researcher collected the sheets and combined them into a list on chart paper within viewing distance of all participants.

b) Inventory―students copied the items listed on chart paper onto an inventory sheet that already included a list of potential likes/dislikes.

c) Ask yourself “Is this something that influences my Physical Education experience?” and give the item a score from 1 to 5.

d) Which items did you agree or strongly agree with (4 or 5)?

e) Which items did you disagree or strongly disagree with? (2 or 1)?

7. Let me share some items that we haven’t talked about, but were mentioned in previous focus groups.

The researcher lists the items that were not discussed and gives the students a chance to comment on them.

Probe: What do you think about some of the items that were already on the inventory?

8. Imagine that the subject of Physical Education was a person. What kind of person would they be?

9. If your job was to get students to enroll in Physical Education, what would you emphasize?

10. Review key questions and ideas that emerged.

b) What is important that we talked about today? Did we miss anything?

11. Students are given an evaluation form.