Class Environment

Physical Environment

“You get outside the classroom environment and it’s almost like a totally different environment. You’re actually doing something instead of just sitting there.” (2, 04/09/2013)

Participation and Personalities

“…participation, if I know it’s going to be a gym class where no one is going to participate then it’s not going to be a good gym class.” (1, 03/07/2013)

“Some people take it too seriously; that drives me crazy; people who don’t take it seriously at all and people who take it too seriously.” (4, 03/26/2012)


“Embarrassment and discomfort…I always feel awkward playing sports because I don’t know what I’m doing so I’m afraid to embarrass myself.” (2, 03/26/2013)

Teacher Influence

“Our gym teacher is awesome; you’re so excited to be there…She just pushes you and it’s fun, but in the opposite if you have a teacher who’s hardcore, makes you feel bad, doesn’t encourage you, is terrifying, you don’t want to be there.” (5, 04/03/2013)

“When I was in grade 9 I really enjoyed my teacher, he was really funny and made it really comfortable as a class…But then in grade 10 I had a teacher who wasn’t so authoritarian and kind of let everything slip by, so it made it more uncomfortable...That was the reason I didn’t take it anymore.” (3, 03/26/2013)


“…it’s harder when they mark on skill, because you’re going to get a lower mark.” (4, 03/26/2013)

“In grade 9, I wasn’t very good at gym, but I always participated, and came with my jersey, and I tried, so I got like an 88.” (3, 03/26/2013)

Gender Differences



Same-Sex Class

Male: “We were playing soccer and two girls went to the middle of the field and started picking flowers…as long as they try and they try to challenge us, or challenge themselves, I would share the ball.” (2, 04/09/2013)

Females: “Then we would play with girls playing each other and boys playing each other and it was so much more fun because we got to touch the ball and would pass it to each other.” (9, 04/09/2013)

“I would hate being in a co-ed gym class. The things that come up, if guys were there it would make it so awkward, we wouldn’t be able to be as fun and open…I just think girls wouldn’t be as confident.” (5, 4/03/2013)

Course Conflicts

Course Conflicts

“Gym is something you can get active in and they had prerequisite courses they needed to focus on.”

(1, 03/07/2013)

“I personally didn’t take it again after grade 9 even though I always liked gym and everything because there were so many courses that I wanted to take in grade 10 that would be prerequisite courses for future courses.”

(2, 03/26/2013)

“There are other prerequisites you need for other career paths. So maybe if they were to take out different set in stone classes that not everyone wants…I think gym is more important…” (4, 04/03/2013)

Students’ Suggestions

Course Design

“I think if it was a requirement, there should be different tiers of classes, the serious kids could take it, and the kids who just want to take it for fun would take a different class.” (3, 03/26/2013)


“At the beginning of the semester we give our teacher $25 and we pick five things we want to do, so we went skating, we have yoga, hip-hop, and instructors come in. One of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life is Zumba!” (5, 04/03/2013)


“If they keep that up, what they learned in gym, about getting in shape and working out, it’ll become a habit and that’s the best thing, that’s what you want for the rest of your life.” (3, 03/07/2013)