Variable types

The variable name


Interpreted variable

Children’s health

Height age ratio (HAZ score)

Core explanatory variable

Parents are entrepreneurs

My father is an entrepreneur

At least one parent is an entrepreneur

Father alone

Mothers are entrepreneurs

Motherhood alone

Both parents are entrepreneurs.

Both parents are self-employed

Control variables

The child’s age

Age of units:

Children’s gender

Men = 1; Women = 0

The one-child

Is = 1; N = 0


Is = 1; N = 0

My father height

Unit: cm

Mother’s height

Unit: cm

Father of record of formal schooling

My father has been exposed to education years (year)

Mother education

Mother is subject to education years (year)

Family size

Unit: people

Family economic situation

Per capita net income of the family.

Medical accessibility

The time to visit a medical institution

Drinking water source

One type is groundwater (greater than 5 meters); It will open well water (less than 5 meters), streams, springs, rivers and lakes, and the definition of snow and ice water will be merged into the second category, named open source of water. The water is rated as the third category, and the water is used as a benchmark, while other water sources are classified as the fourth category

The toilet type

One is that the family does not have a toilet; The second category is that the family has non-flush toilets, such as indoor toilets (no flush), outdoor non-flushing public toilets, open cement pits and open pit. The third category is flush toilet, such as indoor flush, outdoor flush toilet. In this paper, the family has no toilet as the comparison benchmark

Instrumental variable

Entrepreneurial atmosphere

The proportion of entrepreneurs in provinces