Section 1: Demographic Data (Question 1 - 6)

This section of the questionnaire covered the respondent’s profile with specific demographic data including gender, age group, marital status, education level, occupation and monthly income.

Section 2: Awareness and Concepts of Green Banking (Question 8 - 12)

This section was about the participants’ general knowledge and awareness and concepts of Green Banking.

Section 3: Level of Satisfaction and Satisfaction of Green Banking (Questions 13 - 14)

The aim of this part was to find out how far customers are influenced and satisfied with Green Banking products and services.

Section 4: Benefits and Challenges of Green Banking (Questions 15 - 16)

Here the purpose was to find out whether customers know about the benefits and barriers to Green Banking.

Section 5: Green Banking and Sustainability (Question 17)

In this part, the efficiency of green CSR/projects implemented by green banks in Mauritius was rated by bank customers.

Section 6: Green Banking at International level (Questions 18 - 20)

Finally, this section dealt with the international strategies adopted by foreign banks and their influence on Mauritian customers.