Code (the subject is one of the family members)

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse from one family member toward another due to the couple’s original relationship

The wife, who was confined in the hospital in a state of absolute rest, was accused by her husband: “It’s your fault that I am experiencing this hardship”.

The husband, who was prohibited from visiting his wife due to DV, called her frequently, saying abusive things like, “You reported it, didn’t you? You bitch, I’ll kill you”.

Verbal abuse from one family member toward the medical staff due to the couple’s original relationship and associated restrictions and rejections

In order to protect a hospitalized pregnant wife, a nurse stepped in to mediate a situation whereby the husband was mouthing off to his wife. The nurse was subjected to yakuza-like screams of “This has nothing to do with you, bitch”! and “Don’t you fucking dare enter this room”!

The husband shouted at the nursing manager, who decided to prohibit the husband from visiting due to DV. He yelled, “What right do you have to [prohibit me from visiting my wife]”? and “I’ll kill you when you get out of the hospital”! both by phone and at the hospital entrance.

Verbal abuse toward the medical staff from family members who cannot accept the fact that the newborn is sick

The newborn’s respiratory condition did not improve, and the father gravely threatened the doctors and nurses who proposed postponing the discharge period. He said, “This is different from what you promised yesterday”! and “You shouldn’t have told me such irresponsible things”!

In response to the doctor, who started talking about transporting the newborn to another hospital because the newborn’s condition had worsened, the father swore at the doctor in a horrifying voice and said things like: “I don’t understand”! and “You’d better take responsibility for this”!

Arrogant, unreasonable, and selfish behaviors

Arrogance toward the medical staff on the part of family members who are stressed due to unexpected warnings and explanations of medical conditions

A husband defiantly refuted verbal warnings from the ward administrator regarding the rules of the ward, saying things like, “You’re so annoying”, “How stupid”, and “Such useless things”!

When the doctor in charge of the newborn ward was explaining the newborn’s condition, the husband glared at him, and listened without acknowledgement or nodding, and threatened the doctor at the end.

Selfish and unreasonable attitudes on the part of family members who fail to consider the other parties involved and their surroundings

The husband came to the nurses’ station with impolite requests such as “I want to slice this cake and eat it; have you got a knife”? or “Don’t you have a teacup”? When he was told that it would be difficult to accommodate his requests, he openly clicked his tongue at us.

The husband acted disrespectfully toward the doctors, nurses, janitors, and anyone else, regardless of profession, with an air of “I pay you anyway so it’s just normal to make you do whatever I want”.

Mature adult behavior was not exhibited, no matter how many times we warned them, and they continued to do things without regard for other patients and visiting families, such as having many relatives intrude in the hospital room, talking loudly, and eating smelly food.

The husband insulted a female doctor and looked at her condescendingly, saying things like, “I want to hear from another [male] doctor, not you”.

Violent conduct

Violent conduct from family members and patients or from family members toward patients, resulting from the stress of the couple’s original relationship and hospitalization

A husband and his wife, who had been hospitalized for childbirth, shouted at each other in a hospital room due to a trivial argument; this developed afterward into a quarrel where they threw things at each other.

The husband pulled the hair of his wife, who was quiet with her head bowed down. He then asked her, “Are you deaf”?

Violent behavior of family members who have reached their peak in terms of mental and physical fatigue

The husband, who was warned by the chief nurse to only visit during visiting hours, got angry and threw his mobile phone on the sofa in the hospital room, saying, “I’m tired and forced myself to come here after work, you know”!

Violent conduct by family members who cannot accept the fact that their newborn is sick

The father was furious and aimed to take a strike at the doctor, who had given an explanation about transporting the newborn to another hospital because of the baby’s worsening condition.

The father got angry at the doctors and nurses who explained the need to postpone discharge because the newborn had not yet recovered from a respiratory condition. The father threw the baby’s sibling, who was 2 years old, into the air.