Standard precaution of infection control domain and indication

Corresponding action for compliance

(YES or NO) against each indication of a domain

Hand hygiene

1) Before touching the patient

2) Between patient contact

3) Before a clean or aseptic procedure

4) After contact with an object that has touched the patient or was in the patient’s immediate environment

5) Before an invasive procedure (injection, Cannulation and catheterization)

6) Emmediately after removal of gloves

Total compliance


Use of Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE) and antiseptic solutions

7) Sterile gloves before vaginal examination

8) exposure to body fluids

9) sterlile gloves, eyewear, plastic apron, covered shoes while conducting a vaginal delivery

10) Use of freshly prepared ant septic solution to clean the perineum before vaginal examination

Total compliance


Equipment disinfection and cleaning of delivery surfaces

Cleaned the delivery surface using a disinfectant using a swipe technique

11) Before and after contact with patient (thermometer)