Responsibility for Patient Care in Perioperative Practice

Blomberg et al. (2018)

To obtain an understanding of operating theatre nurses’ experiences of responsibility for patient care and safety in perioperative practice.

n = 12

The personal ethical value meant confirming the patient as a person, caring for the patient and preserving the patient’s dignity. A new understanding emerged that the operating theatre nurse always have the patient in mind.

Two main themes

・ A formal external responsibility.

・ Personal ethical value.

Two main themes

The texts revealed two main themes: A formal external responsibility and personal ethical value. Responsibility that the patient was not exposed to risks, protecting the patient’s body, systematically planning and organizing work in the surgical team.



Iranian Hospital Nurses’ Lived Experiences of Emotional Intelligence: A Phenomenological Study

Imani et al. (2018)

To explore Iranian hospital nurses’ lived experiences of emotional intelligence.

n = 10

Nurses work in unstable and stressful conditions. The findings of this study provide better understanding about the concept of nurses’ intelligent resilience and its indicators and attributes.

The development of the main theme and subthemes

・ Normative interactive management

o Resorting to spiritualties.

o Self-protection.

o Intelligent resilience.



Lived Experiences of Elderly Patients with Coronary Artery Disease: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study

Karimooi et al. (2017)

To understand the lived experiences of elderly patients with coronary artery disease.

n = 13

Research findings of the indicated that the coronary artery disease led patients to experience ups and downs for the participations. After the disease, they were trying to achieve calmness through some strategies. Members of the treatment team, especially nurses should provide self-care education for to make them be having successfully in this field.

Main theme

・ Living with ups and downs.


o Losing calmness.

o Trying to achieve calmness through spirituality.

o Losing health.

o Trying to promote health through modification of lifestyle.

o Perceiving family support.

o Living in fear.

o Living with a damaged heart.



A Critical Hermeneutic Analysis of Presence in Nursing Practice

Bright (2015)

To explore the phenomenon of nursing presence.

n = 11 Theoretical categories

Examining the phenomenon of nursing presence through the hermeneutic lenses of narrative identity, play and solicitude has elucidated the role of ethical orientation, creativity and connection with the human experience through exploration of self and other.

Theoretical categories include

・ Narrative identity

o Identity of the nurse.

o A Learned Practice.

o Seeking to Know the Patient.

・ Play

o Preparing the Ground.

o Giving in.

o Timelessness.

・ Solicitude

o The self.

o The other.

o The gift.

o Love in action.