Ayres, C. and Pontes, N. (2018), USA

To examine the factors that may influence health responsibility among adolescents

Correlational study design

Health responsibility, resilience, neighborhood perception, social support, and health promoting

Health responsibility ―adolescent lifestyle profile (ALP-R2) Hendricks, Pender, & Hendricks, (2001), Resilience―brief resilience scale (BRS), Dalen, Wiggins, Tooley, Christopher, and Bernard (2008), Social support―the multidimensional scale of perceived social support (MSPSS), (Zimet, Dahlem, Zimet, & Farley, (1988), and neighborhood perception―perceived neighborhood disorder scale

(PNDS), Ross & Mirowsky, (2001)

122 adolescents aged 13 - 18 years in an urban setting in USA

Significant relationship was found between health responsibility and health promoting behaviors (r = 0.733, P < 0.001) and between health responsibility and neigborhood perception (r = 0.163, P < 0.01).

No relationships were found between the dependent variable of health responsibility and the independent variables of resilience and social support in this population