Feeling trapped by reality

- experiencing an unexpected change in social role

- losing oneself, losing one’s identity

- pressure to succeed, but unable to cope with reality

- must appear to be the perfect mother, but experience of falling outside social expectations

Experiencing a nameless


- trapped in a black hole, including experiences of sadness, chaos, loss of control and isolation

- extreme fatigue and isolation prevent them from seeking help

- lack of knowledge about what is happening and whether the

feelings are normal

- unprepared for the extreme feelings

Struggling to find a way out

- downward spiral

- the fear of being stigmatized contribute to hiding one’s feelings

- difficult to find someone to turn to

- admitting to oneself that it is essential to find help

- important that feelings are given a name

Being seen as a normal but suffering person

- lack of trust and continuity constitutes a barrier to seeking help

- fear of consequences related to being given a diagnosis

- one-to-one support feels good