34 participants

2. Workshop,

31 participants

3. Workshop,

38 participants

4. Workshop,

29 participants

5. Workshop,

26 participants

Introducing the process of the workshops and the participants, exploring the collective ways of working, naming the current issues in the neighbourhood.

Presenting the concepts and tools of the Change Laboratory method and the mirror data (first stimulus), analysing the past disturbances, present challenges, and future scenarios of the neighbourhood with the help of activity system model (second stimulus).

Explicating and envisioning the development of the neighbourhood, selecting the preliminary proposals for further elaboration.

Modelling the new forms of activity, planning the implementation actions for the experimentation period with the help of the checklist of the practical details, aims, subjects, timetable, follow-up tool, result measurement tool, activity system model.

Presenting and evaluating the experiments, defining the future developmental steps and agreeing upon the follow-up.