Analysis and concept disclosure

Implementation of low-carbon

Energy utilization, architecture, urban planning, and design, traffic

Energy utilization: improve the efficiency of local energy, development, and innovation of emission reduction technologies, new energy, clean energy development, and promotion. Architecture: shape coefficient of the building, insulation of the wall, sun shading system, roof garden, ventilation. Urban planning and design: mix use, maximize the land use, walkable, sustainable design, microclimate, landmark and high density, high-quality public green, safety and unobstructed of the public space. Traffic: encourage pedestrian traffic, encourage bicycle traffic, promote public traffic, reduce private car traffic.

Implements a modern business district

Personalized building image

Modern building image symbolizes the corporate the building image.

High-quality and humanistic environment

The image and mode park as a business area: high green ratio no less than 30%, humanistic and specialized landscape setup, diversified place arrangement, flexible layout.

Convenient service facilities

Public service facilities, underground pedestrian walkways, parking facilities, commercial facilities.

Implements industry layout

Modern service industry

Financial service industry, cultural industry, information service industry, modern logistics industry, exhibition and touristic industry, professional service industry.

High tech-industry

Semiconductor illumination, biological technology, new energy recourses, new materials.

Advance manufactory

Pillar industry, equipment industry, strategic industry.

Need determining and quantitative requirements

Cost requirements

Construction cost (for building and site work)

The project cost is not available.

Amounts for architect’s fees



Topological surveys, and any other costs

Schedule of construction

Major function area, Expansion area.

Significant function area completion year: Hongqiao transportation hub (HTH) (2011), core phase 1 (2014-2015), core area-south section (2015-2020). Expansion area completion year: west Hongqiao Qingpu (under redevelopment), south Hongqiao Minhang (under redevelopment), north Hongqiao Jiading (under redevelopment).

Affordable area and its zoning

Problem defining and compilation of program

Compilation of program in the project