Urban development Programming steps

Research the project type

Central business district

Low carbon business community

Low carbon economy: Economic structure, Energy utilization, and efficiency, Urban planning and design. Architecture. Modern business community: Personalized building image, high-quality humanistic environment

Identifying goals and objectives

Organizational goals

Identifying the city authorities’ goals

Fostering the growth of domestic and international trade, raising domestic consumption, disposable income growth, job creation in urban areas,
the development of modern service industries, advanced manufacturing, and “Strategic Emerging Industries” (SEI’s) growth (2).

Form and Image

Identifying the aesthetic

Personalized building image: Modern and fashion, High-tech, Personalized

Identifying the psychological impact of the urban design

Eco-system services and public spaces: the creation of new public spaces shaped by the disposition of the architectural elements, which at the same time create new small public spaces and an underground public space creating an interconnected friendly public space system in the middle of surroundings friendly for the pedestrian.

Analysis of project connectivity

The Hongqiao Transportation (Hub) HTH integrates high-speed rail (HSR) as well as air, metro and road links into a single massive hub, with Maglev links planned in the future (2).

Analysis similarity with the surrounding area/neighborhood

HQCBD is the key and strategic node of the Yangtze river delta network city. The intersection point of the five central urban areas: Jiading, Kunshan, Qingpu, Songjiang, Minhang. Similar neighborhood: Hongqiao linking economic zone, Hongqiao foreign trade center, Chanfengeco-business park.

Identifying the created image of the project in urban planning

The green landscape along the east-west spindle, design open green spaces in the waterfront space, form a green pedestrian system tightly integrated with the urban activities, become a natural ecological system.

Identifying historical, cultural

HQCBD has the presence of famous touristic old Qibao water Town.

Function goals

Identifying the significant functions will take place in the new district

Domestic and international trade center, Functional industrial forms, the Functional pattern of three districts and one belt.

Identifying the population accommodate in the project

Analyzing the future buildings design enhance or impact occupant interactions

Analysis to reduce the commitment flow

Economic goals

Project budget

Not available.

The level of quality is desired, the attitude toward conservation of resources and sustainability

The first combined cooling, heating, and power supply system in China has also been put into operation in the CBD, according to the Hongqiao CBD committee. (1)