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Assessment issues

Comments with regard to the 20,000 Plots Project



Has the channel delivered land in sufficient volume and in appropriate locations to meet demand; is it doing so now; and what are the prospects of continuing doing so in future?

The number of plots generated was high but has not been sustained.



Has the channel delivered housing plots at a cost that can be afforded by land seekers for housing especially those in middle and low income categories? Is it doing so now?

The cost of the plots was generally beyond the reach of low income households


Security of tenure

Has channel delivered plots with sufficient security of tenure to encourage investment in housing? What are the threats to security and can owners deal with them?

Security of tenure for displaced land owners was compromised. In comers were given titles within a short period


Access to disadvantaged groups

Has channel in past and today delivered land to disadvantaged groups including poor households and poor women?

There was no special consideration for disadvantaged groups in society.


Service provision

Has the delivery of land been accompanied by provision of infrastructure and services either in advance, on subdivision, or subsequently?

Services in project areas were rudimentary limited to a few made and many unmade roads


Dispute Resolution

Are there widely available and socially legitimate means of dispute resolution available to those accessing and losing land through the channel?

There was no ad hoc dispute resolution mechanism. Many complaints went unaddressed.