The FRCM is able to identify and prioritize the processes involved based on the descriptions given, and able to customize the model for organization’s needs.


The FRCM includes all the FRCM relevant process of classification with each process relates to the classification activities. The FRCM also provides an appropriate flow of input and output for developing a classification system.


The respondents are “satisfied” with the consistency of details, outlined key processes, sequence of process order, and explanation given for each diagram.


Each process composed in the FRCM is easy to understand and able to help practitioners understand better from the context diagram into decomposed levels, and the model is presented clearly to help understand the process and flow of each process with ease.


The possibility of each process to be enhanced in order to create specific guidelines and prescriptions. Also, the activities outlined the FRCM are generalizable and likely to be applicable to most companies.

Overall impression

The results show that 58 percent respondents “agree” that IT department needs to continue developing the classification by using this model as basic guidance. It is also useful for the research community to continue developing this model and this is agreed by 43 percent of respondents. Also, 71 percent of respondents “agree” that the FRCM is important as a foundation guideline for each level of knowledge to develop classification system and this could contribute to the body of knowledge and enrich the literature in RC.