Geologic Formation

Electric resistivity


Lisan Marls in the northern Lower Jordan Valley area

5 - 10 Ωm

Fine-grained fresh water deposits containing irrigation return flows

Lisan Marls in the southern Lower Jordan Valley area

0.1 - 5.0 Ωm

Fine-grained salt water deposits composed of up to 6% of salts

Salty water containing few 1000 mg/L of salts

Up to 40 Ωm

Salty water found in different geologic formations

Shales and clays

10 - 40 Ωm

Containing fresh water

Sands and gravels

50 - 120 Ωm

Containing fresh water

Wet to dry sand and gravel

200 up to a few thousand Ωm

Dead Sea Water

0.04 Ωm

Salt content > 320 g/L