Smart Cities


Measurement plans


One of the most important indicators of any city is health because the influence that poses this human aspect to the wellbeing of people. This is associated to other indicators that affects directly to it, moreover it is integrated by unquantifiable number of situations that impact and may decrease the level of health of the city inhabitants [4] .

Ÿ Population index on clinical attention centers.

Ÿ M Health based systems.

Ÿ Electronic mobile based quality tests on clinical centers.

Economic productivity

Money is one of the motors that motivate people to act and develop solutions or products, provide services, exploit natural resources to transforming them into things that can be changed to an exchange rate that empowers the capacity to acquire any other product or service. This runs complex economic machinery in a system that may inflates or diminish the expectation of purchasing power.

Ÿ Modulator financial institutions.

Ÿ Government financial institutions.

Ÿ Financial movements for public access.



Due the fact that people is mostly biological, close related to natural environment, pollution affects directly and negatively on people’s health, physically and psychologically.

Ÿ Suspended particles on air

Ÿ Contaminated water.

Ÿ Barren land

Ÿ Dangerous levels of noise.


This condition of being happy is complex to measure, is the feeling of well-being, that is the ultimate goal for any living people, capable of transforming the perception about the environment and society, negative feelings can diminish people capacities, at least psychologically, and could be perceived as impossible to surpass obstacles. However, happiness is an ambiguous to measure feeling due to its complexity, though the opposite is more identifiable by means of naming methodologies and techniques that measure those conditions making people unhappy. It is been said, “If nothing happens, is because everything is fine, but when something occurs is immediately known”.

Ÿ Measuring the opposite side of happiness (depression) with symptom interpretation tools due to its complexity.