Relationship ability with society and government

Tactful, diplomatic and high popularity with the level and vision to maintain an international team

Getting along well with colleagues, giving priority to commercial interests, short of interpersonal emotions

Swaggering, domineering, hard to win full trust from colleagues and subordinates

Learning ability

Strong thirst for knowledge, good learning habits and thinking habits, enthusiastic about learning

Thirst for knowledge and learning, but short of a strong sense of mission in learning, insufficient time

Complacent, self-righteous, short of a correct cognition of learning



High autonomy and independence

Ordinary autonomy and independence

Low autonomy and independence


Outstanding creativity, strong innovation ability, far-sighted and ambitious

Innovation desire and awareness

No innovation awareness


Dare to change and break through the convention

Over caution and only change a little bit

Scared to change and stay the same

Advance cognition and action

Having advance and proper goal and plan

Ambiguous cognition and action for the future

No preparation for the future

Competition enthusiasm

High enthusiasm for participating in the competition

Ordinary motivation for the competition

Low enthusiasm and avoid the competition

Spirit of adventure

High courage and interested in trying something uncertain and risky

Ordinary and experiencing adventure once in a while

Lack of spirit of adventure and afraid of the results