Main Categories




Managerial professional knowledge

Familiar with managerial professional knowledge

Ordinary managerial professional knowledge

Unfamiliar with managerial professional knowledge

Language proficiency

Proficient in English and other foreign languages

Aware of foreign languages

Unfamiliar with foreign languages

Knowledge of international business

Familiar with knowledge of international business

Aware of international business

Narrow knowledge of international business


Managerial ability of international enterprises

Good managerial level and ability of international enterprises

Aware of internal affairs of international enterprises, but short of mature experience

Short of managerial experience of international enterprises and insufficient ability

Cognitive ability of international market

Understanding and mastering international market dynamics

Basically aware of international market

Cognitive bias about international market

Ability of international trade

Familiar with rules, affairs and operation procedures of international trade

Involved in international trade, but mediocre experience and level

Unfamiliar with international trade and short of practical experience

Ability to adapt to the dynamic environment

Adaptable to the extremely complex dynamic environment and responsive to situations

Adaptable to the dynamic environment, but it takes time

Short of adaptability and the ability to respond to situations, resistant to the dynamic environment

Ability to integrate domestic and foreign resources

Strong ability to search, integrate and allocate domestic and foreign resources and maximize the use of resources

Basic ability to allocate domestic and foreign resources, but short of flexibility and creativity

Inadequate awareness and insight to integrate domestic and foreign resources, seriously inadequate practical ability

Ability to overcome crisis and risks

Risk awareness and crisis control efforts

Accepting risk warning and crisis management thoughts, short of practical experience

Narrow-minded, self-satisfied and short of risk awareness