Type of Sensing

Sensors used

Algorithm type

Classification of falls


Camera based Sensing


Detection based on human skeleton, Falling angle Vertical projection Histogram No feedback is considered

High false rate, Falls can be classified but not implemented

High Computing resources to process data continuously, Not portable, limited sensing area

Ambient Sensing

Pressure sensors, Floor vibration detectors, Bed exit detection sensors

Altitude change, vibrations (threshold)

No feedback is considered

Not classified

Low fall detection accuracy for pressure sensor, High cost for other and portability

Werable sensors


Accelerometres, Xbee modules

Threshold based

Not classified

No feedback is considered

Can be enhanced through efficient algorithms

Fall prevention system s

Educate people on preventing falls and reduce the costs due to falls

Framework must be constructed based on data acquired from various scenarios surrounding fall-related events but it is not possible to have a standard data