ChEBI [49]

A large number of active small molecule compounds including atoms, molecules, ions, ion pair free radical, and free radical ion.

Basic and advanced search, multi format data download, and a variety of analysis tools.

Dictionary of natural products [50]

Chemical, physical, and biological properties, system nomenclature and generic names, reference, structure diagrams, and related forms of compound molecules.

Multi-channel retrieval such as chemical name, molecular formula, CAS number, whole paper, melting, and boiling point.

Chem-TCM [51]

More than 12,000 compound records including >350 kinds of medicinal plants, containing information of chemical, botany, molecular targets, category of TCM, and expected activity.

Multi-channel retrieval, sort, result filter, and database subset creation.

New Drug Oriented Development System of Chinese Medicine [52]

Two-thousand disease names, 180,000 prescriptions of TCM, 9000 kinds of TCM, 25,000 (15,520 structures) compounds, and >1700 target proteins of 147 kinds of diseases.

Retrieval and a variety of statistical analysis.

Chinese Medicinal Meterial Images Database [53]

Including characteristics and partial microscopic identification of >420 kinds of commonly used TCM, and detailed description and comparison are done in a graphical way. At the same time, information as the sources of medicinal plants, the main origin, character, quality characteristics, and the effectiveness are recorded.

Supporting many types of retrieval as the medicine, Latin, English, the original plant and animal name, and effectiveness.