Funding Source


Service Providers


Provincial, territorial, and Federal budget: payable through insurance policy

-Universal health care based on residency except tourist and visitors.

-Medically necessary health care excluding, long term and some others

-Universal, inclusive, and portable insurance policy

-Non-for-profit based and free of cost

-On average 70% of cost

Primary health care: community health center/ general practitioner (GP)

Territory health care: general hospital and specialized hospitals

Private Funding: Out of pocket, private insurance, and others

-30% cost borne by private sources, uncovered part of the government

-Non-for-profit based



State, union territorial and central government payable through salary of the doctor, nurse and staffs, medicine, diagnostics lab test and other expenditure

-Universal health care based on residency

-free of cost public health care

-need based health care

-coverage 20%

-Primary: Community health care, AYUSH

-Secondary: District level Hospital, 300 beds Hospitals

-Tertiary: General and specialized hospital

Private financing (investment) in health care: out of pocket, insurance, and others

-For-profit based private health care

-80 % coverage

-Own hospitals, diagnostics labs in urban areas,