The origins of disease

“What causes it? Is it genetic, and you can’t change that?”

“I like to know about the heritability of the first or second generation, if he/she has a parent who is asthmatic, what is the outcome―the heritability of a person having asthma too?”

“What are the things that trigger asthma? How you develop it other than by allergic. Is there a blood marker or something that makes you more at risk?”

Patient education program

“I believe education plays an important part of disease management, and education is communication”.

“I would like to learn more about my disease, how control triggers and how to live more comfortably with it, possibly to expand my life”.

“I suggest education for the system [physicians] and patients―on both sides”.

“Well, do even doctors ? I mean a regular GP, how informed are they of what’s available? You get a GP who has got a patient diagnosed with asthma. Do they know―does the doctor know enough to refer them on? It’s pretty few and far between to be honest with you”.

“The best way you get your health is to attend self-management education sessions”.

Learning about disease management

“I want to find the ways I can deal with my asthma personally without having to involve the medical unless it’s necessary sort of self- management”.

“I want to find ways to be healthy and have the lifestyle that I want. I just hope to find something”.

“What kind of strategies are there for self-management: diet control, what type of exercise do I need to maintain that I’m normal without having an asthmatic attack, At what point should I ask my family member to take me to the emergency”.

“I don’t think my disease is completely under control. So I just want to be able to control it. I want to be able to take deep breaths. I want to be able to exercise and I don’t want to have to think too hard about taking a breath. It’s very interesting to me to learn about these”.

Need to develop helpful and cheap medications

“Government help to discover something to do with those lungs to make them stronger whatever is left there”.

“I want something that’s going to be applicable to me as an asthmatic. Something that is either going to help me to control my asthma or cure my asthma if there is such a thing. Often you are just told what to do and you’re told, take this drug, do this, do that. Maybe this drug is right for somebody else but it’s not the right one for me. I’m told to take it but how do I know that that there might be a better drug for me?”

“I have not seen any new drug trials done in asthma at all. Surely new and cheap medications can help to loosening the phlegm that you get. That’s the main thing that keeps you from breathing”.

“Maybe researchers can help develop better medications because current medications are still not helping and are expensive”.

“Why companies not developing any new drugs that would help alleviate the symptoms, while is affordable”?