Cause factor


customer awareness

Increased customer specifications

Fast changing


Large number of


Newer business models and practices

Need for improved infrastructure

Frequently changing policies

Increase cost of manpower

Backlog, Bg

Ÿ Customers aware of Bg on FSL will non away to competitors

When customer specify their requirements and FSL falls into Bg and Ab high customer will run away

Ÿ Bg can be eliminated by enquiring new equip new methods

Ÿ Extended Bg will have no excuse before customers

Ÿ Extended TAT will have no excuse

Ÿ FSL will need to procure new equip that are faster

High Bg will turn customers to other service to other service providers (competitors)

Bg will show down FSL to enter new business practices

This factor has to be eliminated or reduced to minimal to improve business

Ÿ Government may reactively to Bg, packing FSL to accountability

Ÿ Government policies may put Bg on spotlight

Ÿ Need for Expert witness (EW) to appear in courts at increased number of criminal case forces FSL to have high Bg

FSL and Government unable to provide more staff to lower Ab due to high cost of salaries for such specific experts

Turnaround time, TAT

Ÿ Slight extended TAT leads to complaints

Ÿ Poor FSL image on average customers

Customer specifies TAT and fast tests if TAT is still too long, they run away

Ÿ Extended TAT have no excuse

Ÿ FSL will need to procure new equipment that are faster

With available service providers at disposal customers will opt for shorter TAT services

Ÿ The customers will run away where service providers offer new business models/ practices

Ÿ FSL will be forced to abandon its old model for business or perish

Ÿ To improve its business FSL must tower TAT;

Ÿ Expenses may fall on new equipment and increased number of staff

Ÿ Transfer of staff with high Lc, Ad will affect FSL

Ÿ FSL be coming on government spotlight will be forced to reduce TAT at any expense

Ÿ This puts FSL at pressure which may lead to errors

Longer TAT caused by lack of manpower may lead to expenses on increased labor force

Increasing staff without increasing supervisors may not help

Always time is re for new workforce

Absenteeism, Ab

Leads untimeliness of services will lead complaints and tarnished image of FSL and poor competitiveness

High Ab leads to unmet customer specification and demands

Ÿ Available technologies for tacking Ab

Ÿ New equip can be used to produce fast results and counteract Ab effects

Ÿ New service providers with high-tech equipment

Ÿ With high Ab, customers will opt for new service providers

Increased Ab will allow customers to opt for competitors to get services

Ÿ High Ab hinders changes in business model and new practice

Ÿ Competitors with new business models and practices may arise and gain customer support due to high Ab in FSL

Ÿ Business can be improved if Ab is reduced to minimal

Ÿ Policy changes are needed by FSL to curb Ab and improve FSL business

Ÿ Policy to curb Ab in government institutions has helped FSL to curb Ab

Ÿ This will improve FSL’s competitiveness

Ÿ High Ab implies receiving payments without working

Ÿ Cost of empower escalates due to high Ab as output is lowered for the same pay

Academic development index, Ad and Complex longevity, Lc

Ÿ High Ad will help to wider customer’ needs

Ÿ Advanced technical reports

High Ad, with staff advanced in academic development, they will be able to address customer specification received, and provide advice consultancy

· Able to cope with fast changing technical when Ad is high

· Able to use new in struments/equipment

· Able to diagnose errors and design corrective action

· Capable of setting up trouble shooting exercises

Able to maintain the competitive edge even in presence of competitors

High Ad will allow design of resent models but also to cope with new business practices Capable of playing important role

Business improvement possible as high Ad will allow staff to measure current status, analyze fund bottlenecks and find root causes

Capability to cope with changing polices high when Ad is high among employees

High Ad calls for higher salaries and hence increased manpower cost

It is a give and take phenomena

Ensure Ad corresponds with performance and increased revenue to create balance

Supply chain time, Tsc

Suppliers are aware of their rights Tcs for internal process must improve

State supplier obligations clearly in contracts , a prior,

Tsc for external process must improve

FSL must state specification precisely for suppliers and stick to procedures

Improvise new systems to take advantage of technology and shorten Tsc for the Labs to receive services/goods on time; this will help FSL at competitive advantage

Long Tsc will pare way to competitors as FSL services are not provided on time

Extended Tsc will not fit into new business models leading to last competitors

Reduced Tsc will lead to improve business

Ÿ Tsc need to change, and minimize Tsc to cope with government policies

Ÿ New regulation place

Ÿ Increase manpower in PMU unit

Ÿ Centralize SCM

Ÿ Incur manpower cost on TSC has