Importance towards competiveness improvement

Category of indicators

Backlog, Bg

Customer focus. Employee fatigue, frustration and complaints from the public.

A, C

Turnaround time, TAT

Quality, capacity, customer focus.

Important influence on competitiveness.

A, C

Absenteeism, Ab

Individual component, culture and trust for analysts; individual behavior and interactions between individuals are the core aspects of productivity. Denotes also interactions between individuals and organization.

A, B, C

Academic development index, Ad

Adequately trained human capital is required to support business activities as well as to develop

innovative capacity and entrepreneurship.

A, B

Complex longevity, Lc

Knowledgeable and experienced employees over FSL processes are required to carry out and supervise others completely, without the negative aspects of longevity.


Supply chain time, Tsc

Tracking of procured supplies such as reagents, and instruments to obtain proper resources and provide quality and timely forensic services. Starting from the time the order request is placed by the user department within FSL to the time the order is supplied and payment is made and acknowledged by the supplier. It is the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

A, B, C