The waste


Possible means of elimination


Analysis work in the process has stopped due to bottlenecked operations, equipment changeover and services

Also, system response time, approvals from the laboratory manager may take long depending on the type of case and samples involved (such as challenging samples)

Administrative duties for Director may delay approval of reports

Lack of supplies-reagents and other consumables may cause delay in laboratory processes

Ÿ Equipment reliability such as Genetic analyzer, LCMS/MS through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) with service contract as part of SCM

Ÿ Adequate staffing at the bottlenecked operations such as Backlog Reduction

Ÿ Improve system reliability-scientific report capacity building

Ÿ Push decision-making down to lower levels, that includes the users, technologists

Ÿ Cross-train employees so that work can continue in absence (e.g. top managers)

Ÿ Reduce batch sizes and run them more frequently, ultimately shooting for a batch size of one

Ÿ Make sure all supplies are available

Ÿ Increase number of identification equipment

Over- production

Ÿ Printing analytical report before completing analyzing all the data

Ÿ Purchasing items such as reagents and other perishables that are consumed seasonally or before they are needed

Ÿ Producing reports that are not needed

Ÿ Purchasing equipment that are rarely used

Ÿ Over staffing in some areas

Ÿ High sample influx and too many case-files arriving in short period of time

Ÿ Establish a flow sequence to satisfy the downstream customer or supervisor (manager)

Ÿ Create workplace SOPs, guidelines and regulations for each process

Ÿ Create signal devices to prevent over processing, e.g. FIFO lanes


Ÿ Cross contamination, wrong labeling or overheating in re-amplification due to power interruption.

Ÿ Multiple profile, contaminated STR profile

Ÿ Mischaracterization of drugs of abuse

Ÿ Defective or degraded biological samples

Ÿ Inoperative machines lying without service or maintenance

Ÿ Error-proof steps-working in set of two individuals

Ÿ Decontamination of working bench and the FS laboratory processes

Ÿ Good laboratory practices especially Checklists

Ÿ Stocktaking of functioning instruments and equipment

Ÿ Establishing and maintaining the service contract

Ÿ Preventive maintenance schedule adhered according to manufacturer and installation engineer

Under-utilized human resources

Ÿ People’s creativity, ideas, and abilities are not fully tapped

Ÿ Limited employee authority and responsibility for basic tasks, management command and control

Ÿ Losing ideas, skills, and improvements by not listening to employees

Ÿ Institute the academic development program and consider tapping the employees with high complex longevity

Ÿ Initiate employee suggestion systems

Ÿ Form teams to solve process problems

Excess processing

Ÿ Processing of more samples or duplicate samples of the same case-file

Ÿ Taking unneeded steps to process the samples that have shown to have no trace of searched chemical or low DNA

Ÿ Inefficient processing due to poor tool and product design

Ÿ Also, re-entering data, extra copies, unnecessary or excessive reports

Ÿ Lack of statistical or arbitrary resampling techniques for similar items such as pellets or sachets of drugs of abuse

Ÿ Perform preliminary/presumptive tests before undergoing into the major processes

Ÿ Remove unnecessary steps

Ÿ Use design for as manufactured for the specific instrument with the specified ratios

Ÿ Stop unnecessary signoffs and reviews