Methods identified

Cause factors that can be improved

Competitiveness improvement measures (CIM)


Economic added value [65] [66]

Bg, TAT, Ab, Ad and Tsc

Ÿ Financial measure to determine the true economic profit of an organization

Ÿ Considers firms profit after tax and potential investments [65]


Total shareholder return [67] [68]

Tsc, TAT, Ad and Lc

Ÿ A measure to calculate the return to the investor( Government, in this case)

Ÿ Includes capital gains and dividends [67]

Ÿ An internal return of cash flows during a certain period


Value curve [69]

Bg, TAT, Ab, Ad and Tsc

Ÿ Graphical representation showing firms relative level for elements important to the FSL (customer perceptions in that industry on strategies factors) [69]

Ÿ Used by firms to compare their position in relation to their rivals and competitiveness


Capability maturity model [70]

Bg, TAT, Ab, Ad and Tsc

Ÿ A method to improve firms processes and ability to meet project objects


Assets processes performance framework [71] [72]

TAT, Tsc

Ÿ Used mainly by Government and Public sectors to evaluate performance of departments and service units

Ÿ Include all assets, buildings, equipment, processes and performance of departments