Web Search Engine and Query Functionalities

Privacy and Usability Challenges

1. Web search engine navigation privacy

Holistic privacy and usability approach to web search navigation using query formation and reformation plus result selection and navigation.

2. Paid and organic search results

Employing paid and organic search results as a measure/indicator of web search query obfuscation.

3. Precision and recall

Using precision, recall, and Page Rank to measure web search query obfuscation and usability.

4. User profile generation

Generation of obfuscated user profile with an acceptable level of search result usability.

5. Web search queries

Privacy and usability approaches to informational, transactional, and navigational queries.

6. Types of search queries

Privacy and usability methods, including hybrids―e.g. Boolean, concept and keyword queries.

7. Semantic search and word sense disambiguation

Privacy and usability approaches to semantic search using statistical, natural language processing, graph theory, and machine learning models.

8. Web search query reformation

How to achieve privacy and usability during web search query reformation. How can a user correct their query without revealing their intent?

9. Temporal queries

How can an acceptable level of usability be achieved with obfuscated temporal queries?

10. Query classification

How to obfuscate user intent with query classification. Methods to obfuscate search queries using both semantics and different classifications.