External environment

Internal environment

Strengths (S)

Weaknesses (W)

1) Superior location conditions

2) Stable economic development

3) Innovative system

1) Imperfect logistics facilities

2) The management concept of logistics “demand chain” is not strong

3) The information level of management is low

4) Poor service quality

Opportunities (0)

Analysis of SO

Analysis of WO

1) Favorable supportive policy

2) Convenient trade environment

Make use of regional advantages and favorable policies to expand the alliance of port and improve supervision system

1) Optimize the construction of logistics facilities, promote the facilitation of international logistics clearance

2) Improve the level of management information by using the shared network platform that connects with the linked industries

Threats (T)

Analysis of ST

Analysis of WT

1) The radiation driving role of regional logistics needs to be played

2) Relevant laws and regulations of international logistics are not perfect

3) Lack of international logistics professional

Strengthen the training and introduction of talents, build a diversified communication platform

1) Create an open service mode of “Logistics +”, promote the development of regional economic interconnection

2) Solve the problem of lack of law and, improve the coordination mechanism of law