Change of flag freely―“recent term” 1. The change of Greek flag needs a specific procedure however―“recent term” 131 too

Free chartering of vessel―“recent term” 1

Insurance32 of vessel done freely ―“recent term” 6. And for War Risks―“recent term” 6 too

Vessel’s seizure33 for any reason and cause from Greek state etc. is not allowed―“recent term” 7

Specifications of hull and machinery34―“recent term” 8/paragraphs 10 - 11

Labor issues―“recent term” 8

Ship’s taxation―“recent term” 12 -presented below

The ship is permitted to register on her “preferred mortgages”―“recent terms 19 and 20”.

Provisions for Ship’s company―“recent term” 16

Disputes solved by arbitration―“recent term” 21

No modification or amendment to a SRAA is allowed without the consent of the shipowner and the lender/mortgagee―“recent term” 22

Provisions on loans with mortgage in Greece from Greek organizations or banks―“recent term” 23

Ship’s ownership transfer―“recent term” 24

Allowances of law 2859/2000 on VAT article 27―“recent term” 25

The shares of a ship-owning company can be passed to a holding company ―i.e. this is a “permission for listing”―“recent term” 26. (This term should be put together with those terms referring to the “specific shipping company”)

SRAA becomes in force upon… (date)―“recent term” with no number―27?

Decision (SRAA) to be published in Government’s gazette―“recent term with no number”―28?


Ministers: title―names