Stereotype of Doctor

He supports family financially

He may be engaged in academic sphere

Likes to go outdoors

Proceeds profession of his father

Wants to work in politics

He is clever and intellectual

He has a sense of humor

He is leader

He washes his hands systematically

He is strict

He is gentlemen

He is successful person

He understands technical subjects

He is kind

He is the petty one

He is a family man

He is proud person

He is interested in biology and/or botany

Has intelligent friends

He is warm and loving person

Visits theatres

He is educated

Likes to demonstrate his power

Uses his hands skillfully

He is professional

He is oriented on new ideas/development

Stereotype of IT

He is professional

He is educated

He spends his whole time with computer

He is gentlemen with the women

He does not like to be ordered

He understands technical subjects

Is engaged in a social web actively

He is oriented on a new ideas/development

He want to earn lots of money

He is oriented at having modern computers/ gadgets and accessories