Stereotypic Information

Individuating Information

Mixed Information


36 - 50 years old male person

Doctor Uniform

Medical accessories

Sits in his office, with different things related to medicine

He is talking with the patient

Individuating characteristics:

a) playing computer game

b) Being in the mess

Same male person, in mundane clothing

Playing on the computer, in the room, which is in mess

Same male person, sitting in the messy medical room, with same medical accessories and uniform. He is playing on the computer, screen of which depicts the same game from individuating photo


Male person of 21 - 5 age

Clothed in jeans and mundane skirt

Sits in the office, full of computer equipment. Working on the processor, which is dismantled into small technical pieces

He’s table is in mess

Individuating characteristic:

Sensitive person who likes

a) classic music and ballet

b) flowers

The same male person, with the mundane clothing, who is sitting in the room and is listening and watching opera

Same male person who is sitting in the office, being busy with computer gadgets, also having messy table full of technical details, but in the same time listening to opera, from computer screen; Also holding flower pot in the room