Bergheim, Eid, Hystad, Nielsen, Mearns, Larsson, & Luthans (2013)

2 cross-sectional studies

PsyCap, safety climate, positive and negative affect

PCQ, Nordic questionnaire on work-related safety in the building and construction business, PANAS

To examine if the PsyCap of Norwegian air traffic controllers is related to their perceptions of safety climate.

Study 1: association of PsyCap with safety climate. Study 2: control for the mediation of positive and negative affect

Study 1: 77 air traffic controllers

Study 2: 38 air traffic controllers from eight additional centers

Study 1: PsyCap was positively correlated with safety climate. PsyCap explained 31% of the variance in safety climate.

Study 2: Controlling for mediating effects of positive and negative emotions, PsyCap explained 15.5% of the variance

Paterson, Luthans, & Jeung (2013)


Thriving, agentic work behaviors, Psychological capital, supervisor support, work performance

10-item measure of thriving at work, four questions to measure attention at work, PCQ, five items from the organizational climate measure, four items from the in-role performance subscale

To test thriving at work with self-development, agentic work behaviors, PsyCap and supervisor support climate as antecedent variables

198 employee-supervisor dyads

PsyCap positively correlated with all variables. Thriving at work was positively related to supervisor-rated employee development at work. Thriving led to better performance and development

Karatepe (2014)


Hope, work engagement, job and service recovery performance, extra-role customer service

THS, short version of the Utrecht WE scale, five items to measure JP, Five items for operationalizing SRP, ERCS

To test whether work engagement mediates the effect of hope on job performance, service recovery performance, and extra-role customer service

110 full-time front-line hotel employees and their managers

Structural Equation Modeling suggested that the impact of hope on job performance, service recovery performance, and extra-role customer service was fully mediated by work engagement