Santilli, Nota, Ginevra, & Soresi (2014)


Career adaptability, hope, life-satisfaction

Career Adaptabilities Scale-Italian Form, THS, SWLS

To investigate the role of hope and career adaptability in affecting life satisfaction of workers with intellectual disability

120 adult workers

Career adaptability indirectly, through agency and pathways, predicted life satisfaction

Malinowski & Lim (2015)


Mindfulness, work engagement, mental wellbeing, psychological capital, positive affect

Five-Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ), Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-9), WEMWBS, PCQ, Job-related Affective Well-being Scale (JAWS)

To investigate the relationship between dispositional mindfulness, work engagement, and well-being

229 adults in full-time employment

Mindfulness predicted work engagement and general well-being. These relationships were mediated by positive job-related affect and psychological capital

Sun, Zhao, Yang, & Fan, (2012)


PsyCap, job embeddedness, job performance

Job embeddedness seven-item scale, PCQ, five-item scale to measure in-role performance

To explore the relationships between PsyCap, job embeddedness and performance in nurses

733 nurses from five university hospitals in China.

A strong relationship between the nurses’ self-reported psychological capital, job embeddedness and performance

Rego, Sousa, Marques, & Cunha (2012)


Self-efficacy, hope, positive affect, creativity at work

Six item self-efficacy scale, SHS, Job Affect Scale, 13 item creativity scale

To examine whether self-efficacy and hope predict creativity of retail employees

507 retail employees and their supervisors

Hope, self-efficacy and positive affect predicted creativity. Positive affect partially mediated the relationship between hope and self-efficacy with creativity

Badran & Youssef-Morgan (2015)


Hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism, PsyCap, job satisfaction

PCQ, SHS, Role Breadth Self-Efficacy Scale, Ego-Resiliency Scale, LOT-R, job satisfaction measure

The relevance of PsyCap is conceptualized and tested in relation to job satisfaction in some of Egypt’s most important industries

451 Egyptian employees in 11 organizations

Hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism, individually and when integrated into the higher-order multidimensional construct, PsyCap, were positively related to employees’ job satisfaction