Q1.What was the main reason(s) for you taking part in the research?

Ø “I hoped more people would understand me so that they would know how bad and disgusting my husband was.”

Ø “I hoped it (participating in the research study) may help others.”

Ø “I believed that I would benefit from participating in the research.”

Ø “I hoped to understand others more. I treated this experience as a chance to obtain knowledge… moreover, I was curious to know whether I was different from the others taking part. I wondered what was forcing other people to want to move into the last stage of life as well.”

Ø “I wanted to share my problems with someone.”

Ø “As a way to soothe myself and to gain experience.”

Ø “I believed that it would help more and more people.”

Ø “Not sure, just simply needing somebody else to share my thoughts and feelings with.”

Ø “We ought to do whatever is beneficial to others. Therefore, I hoped I could do more for others. By the way, I believe there is room for improvement among the social workers and organizations. For instance, sometimes when I need help from the social workers during the weekend, this is rather upsetting when I am told that the social workers were not available on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Ø “As a way to express my words in my mind, and to feel relieved about my negative feelings.”

Ø “Good to have people to talk to when feeling bad.”

Ø “I hoped it could help relieve myself from my mysteries, and I think this is a positive project.”

Q2. Are there any other comments you would like to make about the way the study was carried out, the letters, or the questionnaire you received?

Ø “There is no need to improve; it was good enough already.”

Ø “Better liaising with me or other participants in the hospital. This is because I was approached by a variety of organizations and it is hard to distinguish between them all.”

Ø “Better to include more counseling services, which is very helpful to us.”

Ø “This research not only benefits others, but it also helped me too.”

Ø “I really appreciate the positive work you all are doing.”

Ø “No comment. It has been very good to have someone to talk to.”

Ø “Hopefully the messages can reach the organizations providing the community services so that they know how to improve.”

Ø “You all are very good to me; you have helped me a lot. In the past, I have not been sure about what I can do with my problems. But now, I feel great relief because I can find someone with whom to share my sadness. It’s a chance for me to reflect and to learn to be open-minded. I found hope from this research. I treated this experience as a way to make new friends.”

Ø “Good to have people to talk with and it helped me so much.”