I.D.: ______________________

Date (dd/mm/yyy): ___________________.

Interviewer: ___________________.

1. Member of the family that was interviewed (mark where appropriate):

______________Mother ______________Son/Daughter

______________Father ______________Others

2. Number of inhabitants at the household during the sampled period of DSW:

Age (range): ___________________. Gender (M-F): _______________.

3. Schooling, only for mother and father (mark where appropriate):

Mother:___________________. Father: ___________________.

a) Primary school. b) Secondary school. c) Secondary/Technical level.

d) High school. e) Bachelor (BA., BSc.). f) Postgraduate.

4. ¿Car membership?

a) Yes b) No

5. Household property:

a) Rent b) Own c) Under payment d) Lend e) Other

6. Overall family income by month (grand total for all members):

a) Lower than $750 MXN (Mexican pesos) b) From $750 to $799 MXN

c) From $800 to $2299 MXN d) From $2300 to $5299 MXN

e) From $5300 to $8399 MXN f) More than $8400 MXN

7. ¿Frequency of waste collection from the neighborhood?

a) Daily (including Sunday) b) Almost daily (5-6 days per week)

c) Three times per week d) Two times per week

e) Once per week f) More than a week

8. ¿Frequency of waste collection from the household?

a) More than 7 days b) Three times per week

c) Once per week d) From 4 to 6 times per week

e) Two times per week f) Daily (7 times per week)