Land categories

Descriptions of Land-Uses and Land-Cover types


Vegetation with canopy covers greater than 20% with tree height taller than 15 meters which occupies greater than 0.5 ha. This comprises forest species of the study area such as Podocarpus falcate, Warburgiau gandensis, Celtis africana, Diospyros abyssinica


Vegetation with canopy covers greater than 15% and a tree height 5 - 15 meters were considered woodland. Woodland tree species in the study area comprises Terminalia sp., Combretu mmolle, Syzgium macrocarpum and Acacia (Dereje and Fekadu, 2001)


This land-use encompasses areas that allocated for production of perennial and seasonal crops in the rural areas

Shrub land

This Land-cover category includes small woody plants and herbaceous plants


Land feature such as towns and concentrated small rural villages that roofed with corrugated iron sheets, scarp land and sandy areas

Bare land

This class includes objects like rocky places without any vegetation