Short Term Health Effects

Long Term Health Effects

Microcystins (Hepatotoxin)

Gastrointestinal, liver inflammation and hemorrhage and liver failure leading to death, pneumonia, dermatitis

Tumor promoter, liver failure leading to death

Nodularins (Hepatotoxin)

Similar to microcystins

Similar to microcystins

Saxitoxins (Neurotoxin)

Tingling, burning, numbness, drowsiness, incoherent speech, respiratory paralysis leading to death


Anatoxins (Neurotoxin)

Similar to saxitoxins

Cardiac arrhythmia leading to death

Cylindrospermopsin (Hepatotoxin)

Gastrointestinal, liver inflammation and hemorrhage, pneumonia, dermatitis

Malaise, anorexia, liver failure leading to death

Lipopolysaccharide (Dermatotoxin)

Gastrointestinal, dermatitis


Lyngbyatoxins (Dermatotoxin)


Skin tumors