1) Introduction to How Wolves Shape Rivers

Students begin the unit by watching the short video created by Sustainable Man, which describes the Yellowstone Problem (How Wolves Change Rivers, 2014) a. Students read and analyzegraphics, visualizations, and other information sources about the agents involved: wolves, elk, and aspen trees. Students culminate the lesson by writing a position statement regarding the following prompt: Should wolves be protected from hunting in Yellowstone?

2) Introduction to the Group-based Cloud Computing (GbCC) Wolf-Sheep Predation Model

Students explore the GbCC Wolf-Sheep Predation model in pairs with Google Chrome books. Students are given the challenge to run the model with varying amounts of wolves to note the outcomes. Students end the lesson by thinking about what makes a strong argument.

3) Generating an Argument

Students generate a final position and supporting evidence for or against protecting wolves in Yellowstone. Students use the GbCC models to generate evidence to support their position.

4) Presentations

Students present their poster displaying their argument for protecting wolves in Yellowstone.