Education in practice

Game elements

Contribution to learning and interdisciplinary working


Challenge, multiple pathways, trial-and-error, feedback

Encourages students to critically reflect on aspects of sustainable development; the seminar readings allow students to explore multiple pathways and involve trial-and-error including frequent and targeted feedback.

Learning with cases

Challenges, narrative, role-play, trial-and-error, feedback, enjoyment

Cases consist of a story that is used as the vehicle for learning; cases allow students to explore challenges from multiple perspectives using role-play

External Lectures

Narrative, multiple pathways, enjoyment

External lectures in aggregate offers multiple narratives from a variety of disciplines (e.g. innovation studies, environmental management) and working contexts, e.g. forestry, energy and food sectors

Group project

Challenges, trial-and-error, feedback, progression

Students conduct an investigation that allow students to explore aspects of sustainable development. Exploratory enquires develop progressively based on trial-and-error, feedback and reflection.