Categories that make up the didactic culture



Career entry

The story of how the teacher began his teaching career in higher education and the choice of a teaching career.

Preparing for the Teaching Career

Participation in pedagogical training courses during the master’s and doctoral studies, or in other opportunities.

Educational Strategies

Strategies for creating appropriate learning in an environment conducive to the teaching and learning process. The teacher as mediator in this process, motivating, interacting and creating strategies to deal with classroom management.

Didactic Transposition (Chevallard, 1991)

How to make content understandable to students.

Knowledge of Curriculum program

The knowledge the teacher has about the curriculum of the business administration program in its entirety: menus, objectives, assessment systems, student profile, expected student competencies, among others.

Student Potential

Know the students and their characteristics. The experiences of students taken into account in the classroom, for the planning and execution of academic activities.

Institutional Values

Knowledge of the values of the institution of higher education to which the teacher is affiliated, considering these values as guides for the development of academic activities and their use in favor of the teaching and learning process.